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International Programme Committee

The role of the IPC is as follows:- We are grateful for their valuable assistance.

The IPC consists of the following members and, in addition, all Invited Session Chairs:-

KES-STS-18 IPC Members

Name Affiliation
Dr. Ahmad Taher Azar Faculty of Computers and Information, Benha University, Egypt 
Prof. Said Easa Ryerson University, Canada 
Dr. MM Haque Queensland University of Technology, Australia 
Dr. Yan Kuang Griffith University, Australia 
Dr. Xiaopeng Li University of South Florida, USA 
Prof. Zhiyuan Liu Southeast University, China 
Dr. Xiaobo Qu University of Technology Sydney, Australia 
Prof. Huizhao Tu Tongji University, China 
Assoc. Prof. Zhigang Xu Chang’an University, China 
Assoc. Prof. Yadan Yan Zhengzhou University, China 
Dr. Barbara Yen Griffith University, Australia 
Dr. Zuduo Zheng Queensland University of Technology, Australia 

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